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Lowde & Clear

Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle
by Naomi Lowde-Priestley

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The Breast Whisperer Bra is the invention of a highly respected plastic surgeon and internationally recognized fashion designer, who had the mission to build a seamless bra that can be worn all day and all night. Discover what it's like to wear a bra so comfortable, you feel like you're not wearing anything at all!

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Married to the incredibly funny, talented and lovely Jason Priestley .  We met in London, England, waiting for a red light to change at a cross walk, it was truly serendipitous.  That was back in 2000, nearly 17 years later, I am happy to say we are still together and have two beautiful children Ava, 9 and Dashiell 7.


I met Jason whilst I was working for a new media agency after recently graduating from University with a BA degree in Fine Arts (painting). Jason and I became inseparable and when his job came to an end in England, we took the jump, and I moved back to New York with him....then Vancouver, Calgary, Indianapolis, Toronto, LA....ok, you get the picture. So it was only fitting that I needed a job that would mean we could travel together. makeup career! Being that I loved to paint it only made sense that I should paint people's faces.  I enrolled at The School of Makeup Art in Toronto. Six months later I graduated top of my class. I went on to work on three movies that year. Now, wherever Jason went, I could either work with him or independently in all the cities that we landed in. Whilst in New York I worked on several fashion shows. Victoria Secret, many times and YSL to mention a few. Since living in LA I have worked on a myriad of shows and celebrity clients.  Ah, but where does the fitness come in.  Well, it has always been apart of my life.


Fitness should be apart of everyones daily routine, like brushing your teeth. At school I was a track and field girl, specializing in hurdles and shot put.  All through college I ran half marathons. For me, training is a way of life, and it means I can eat and drink more than I should :) Once Jay and I settled in Los Angeles, I found the 'Spin Community', one special one in particular, The Sweat Shoppe : Heated Indoor Cycling.  I was hooked, I loved the training so much that one day they asked me if I would like to teach there? Needless to say, I enrolled in their training program and also became NASM (personal trainer) and Mad Dogg-certified.  I have now taught at The Sweat Shoppe for 4 years, and in 2014 I was voted "LA's Hottest Trainer" by racked magazine. This year I have been nominated nominated as "America's Most Inspiring Trainer" 2016, in partnership with Reebok.


After being dragged around the world kicking and screaming, I jest, I did it willingly. I have come across many a place, product or project to enhance your life.  Whether that is a 'must see' destination, travelling with your children,'must have' beauty essentials, fitness on the go, places to eat, things to make, I want to share them with you. 

About Me

Jeremy Tenser

8844 W. Olympic Boulevard

Suite 200

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Direct:   310.734.2707

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